2018 Ms. Pacman Tournament


Who will vanquish all who dare to enter?
Who will be the Champion, and raise the Plaque of Ultimate Triumph?
Who will eat free burgers for a year?


Qualifying Weeks

Finalists will be posted at end of day on the last day of each qualifying week.
Check back to see if you’ve qualified

Feb 4 – Feb 10 Qualifiers 

Kevin H – 303 610
Red Fox – 214 220
Domenic – 134 750
Brad B – 122 880

Feb 11 -Feb17

Curtis D –  163 700
Johnny F – 96 540
Nathan H-  67 290
Scott P – 61 500

Feb 18 – Feb 24
Feb 25 -March 3

Finals 1pm March 4



1. The tournament is open to anyone who dares enter the maze! Tournament play and qualifying will only be held at Boogie’s Renfrew; however folks are welcome to practice at both locations.

2. If you eat your way to a top score let our staff know immediately, and we will take your contact information, record your score.

3. At the end of each week we will contact the top 4 players to inform them of their exceptional skill and luck, updated standings will be posted daily on our Facebook page.

4. The top four scores from each of our four weeks (16 players) will qualify for the finals, which will be played in a single elimination tournament style see Karate Kid… really it’s very inspiring.

5. Anyone who cannot make the finals date will cede their spot to the next highest score from all entrants.


Each of the weekly qualifiers will receive a T-shirt that proclaims them a finalist for our 2018 tournament, and a $20 gift certificate to use on the day of the finals to give them the sustenance they’ll need to compete in the gruelling final tournament. All qualifying prizes will go to the player that can attend the final tournament on Sunday, March 4.

3rd Place – Semi-final Losers 

1.Boogies swag package  sun glasses, and t shirt.
2.$25 gift certificate to enjoy at Boogies
3.The knowledge that with the proper training and focus the next year you could raise the trophy in ultimate glory.

2nd Place 

1. Boogies swag package sunglasses, and t shirt
2.$50 gift certificate to enjoy at Boogies
3.Unfortunately 2nd place comes with the burden of 11 months of sleepless nights and daily reminders of how close you were to being crowned the Boogies Ms. Pac Man champion of 2018.

2018 Champion 

1. The lamentation of the men, women and children, as conqueror of all who came before you!
2. T shirt proclaiming you as the 2018 Boogies Burgers Champ
3. Your name engraved on the “Plaque of Ultimate Triumph” as the “Master of the Maze” and your image to be hung for 11 months as a reminder to all that…
4.YOU EAT FREE BURGERS FOR ONE YEAR AT THE HOME OF THE OFFICIAL BURGER OF DELICIOUSNES (One burger per week for 52 weeks. Expires at the commencement of the 2019 tournament.)


Boogie’s Burgers