YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

Frozen Hot Chocolate & Frostbitten Hot Chocolate

In support of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest   we’ve created 2 brand new Hot Chocolate Milkshake fusions:

Frozen Hot Chocolate – for nice folks
“Frozen Hot Chocolate” by earthly standards is an oxymoron, but what if you expanded your horizons to contemplate what would happen if Hot Chocolate was shot into outer space? Our Frozen Hot Chocolate is an intergalactic marriage of texture and flavor that defies earthly understanding, but speaks a language your tastebuds will understand on a cosmic level. Just to keep you from getting stuck in different dimensions while you drink this – we’ve grounded this beverage with an infusion of a sweet earthly delight – the Nanaimo bar.

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Frostbitten Hot Chocolate – for all the freaky folks

“Frostbitten Hot Chocolate”, like it’s interstellar cousin “Frozen Hot Chocolate” is just as cosmically confusing, but provides you with some boozey relief for all your hard-thinking. This too has been shot into space, and then shot into a flurry of Frangelico & spiced rum. To keep this drink from teleporting through time and space, we’ve secured it to the here and now with an ancient symbol of mankind – the toasted marshmallow

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